EriNav is a project born in 2009 from the mind of Ivan Re a 25 years old archeology student, the first creations under this name relate to poetry and creative writing.

In 2011, these early works are staged along with a musical group formed by the same Ivan Re (vocals, visuals) and musicians Dejan Milic (bass guitar), Salvo Antoci (drums), Angelo Canuto aka Cell Infadel (grooves, sound effects).

The project consists of a kind of concert in which the poems are accompanied by a sound that ranges from instinctive punk to psychedelic scapes. The members of the group moved into the stage illuminated by conceptual images projected on them.

In 2012 the project EriNav again has a single member, Ivan Re, who develops his earlier explorations of the projection and production of ambient and experimental music.
His creations were shown in music events and free social centers of Sicily.

He also published two music concepts “Fabbrica Dismessa Due Gennaio Due01duE” “Eternal Moonshine of the Restless Drone”, these EP are posted on soundcloud.com (soundcloud.com/erinav) and can be freely downloaded.

He recently collaborated again with Cell Infadel and a group of music producers called Mental Alchemist.

Now the project moved in a new direction: the analog way.
Under different names(Ar In Ev, RaEnIv) Ivan Re is producing new music with modular, analog instuments, his style moves to rhytmic exploration(deep techno, breakbeat).

This production is parallel to the early digital exploration in ambient soundscapes and video art.

2013 will be published under RaEnIv name.


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